Artificial intelligence LuminarAI – revolution in the world of photo editors

Фоторедактор LuminarAI

Skylum has introduced an artificial intelligence-based graphics editor called LuminarAI. It is positioned as a revolutionary tool against which other editors will look almost like tools of the Stone Age. AI is able to analyze images so as to organically add the most complex elements to them – beautiful skies, multi-vector lighting and natural reflection in the water surface.

Using traditional editors like Photoshop, replacing a neutral blue sky with thunderclouds or an image of the Milky Way with billions of stars becomes a very time-consuming task with many factors. Designed to automate this process, LuminarAI has been trained by artists, photographers, colorists and scientists. It is not a universal tool, but a very good program for adding atmospheric effects to portraits or landscapes.

Фоторедактор LuminarAI

LuminarAI starts by analyzing the image and building a 3D map of the scene depth. AI highlights key elements, such as areas of open sky or water, people’s faces and facial expressions, how they are all lit and where the light sources are located. Then it overlays a template on the original image and redraws it in accordance with the calculated parameters. The user can choose from different templates and see the preview in less than a second.

According to the developers of LuminarAI, this artificial intelligence will allow beginners to easily create the most complex effects, which would take hours, if not days of labor, for professionals working with the old methods. The license for the LuminarAI editor will cost only $ 79.

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